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School Vision Statement

1. Sidestrand Hall School will develop and extend provision to meet the complex needs of students including the challenges of autism, speech and language communication and low cognition, and will continue to be at the forefront of complex needs education for all SEN school aged children.

2. We will enable our students to thrive in a unique learning environment promoting achievement and preparing them for a fulfilling life by ensuring progress in academic and life skills, maximizing independence through outdoor learning and being an active member of our community, giving a range of opportunities for them to be the best they can be. Our environment will be supportive and encouraging allowing students to built their resilience.  We will encourage kindness, learning the importance of patience and consideration to everyone.

3. We will continue to build our evolving multi-disciplinary team to enable us to provide therapeutic interventions such as speech and language therapy and occupational health to those pupils who will benefit from it.   Our staff will be well informed, highly trained and flexible to enable us to provide a broad, relevant and personalized curriculum with the ability to tailor needs to meet individual EHCPs.

4. We will continue to work collaboratively across Norfolk with other SEND schools and providers, LA, parents and professionals to ensure SEN provision is available for all those children in Norfolk whose educational needs would not be met by mainstream education.

5. We will ensure the school and its extensive facilities including residential, outdoor and vocational facilities are effectively used throughout the year

School Mission Statement

Achievement Beyond Expectation

Sidestrand Hall aims to raise the achievement of all pupils within the school and to guide and support them through a range of learning experiences in order to provide them with the skills, qualifications and independence they need to leave school and prepare them for adulthood by:

  • Providing a happy, safe and stimulating environment that promotes and enables pupil achievement
  • Ensuring every pupils individuality is appreciated and the learning adapted to benefit their individual needs
  • Having high expectations of our pupils and encouraging them to have high expectations of themselves
  • Ensuring our staff are well-informed and trained to meet the needs of our pupils
  • Providing strong and meaningful links with parents, carers and the wider community
  • Working in partnership with other professionals and agencies to provide the best support for our pupils and their families
  • Providing educational residential experience enabling a 24 hour curriculum for pupils who need it