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Dragonfly Phase

Communication and Interaction

In Dragonfly Phase Communicating and interacting with others is encouraged using a Total Communication approach to promote inclusion. Signalong is routinely used by staff and pupils, with the use of core boards or communication tools to aid pupils who might need alternative ways of communicating. For some pupils this is also supported by SmiLE Therapy or  SALT programmes

Cognition and Learning

Learning in our Dragonfly Phase community offers a bespoke curriculum tailored to the pupils individual needs. The aim of the curriculum in Maple class is to prepare our students for the transition to college and subsequently the next part of their lives and adulthood.

Social and Emotional

In Dragonfly Phase, pupils are supported to develop the self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work, and life success. We use the Zones of Regulation and Thrive approaches alongside a RHSE curriculum designed to support pupils at their developmental levels.

Sensory and Physical

The learning environment is planned to take into consideration the physical and sensory needs of all of our pupils. Pupils have access to a range of sensory equipment to meet any sensory processing needs which could include a sensory diet or sensory circuit.

 Teachers and Classes

Dragonfly Phase Leader

Mrs. Loftus

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