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Upper Phase

Communication and Interaction

Our students want opportunities to be sociable and to make friends. Being able to speak up for yourself and to express your ideas and opinions is important. We try to ensure that we develop these skills in all subjects in our curriculum, in our tutor based activities, and in free time.

Cognition and Learning

All students follow a timetable involving option choices for practical subjects, core subjects (English, Maths, RSHE and Careers), and subjects broadening awareness of preparation for adulthood such as Work Experience Training, and Duke of Edinburgh. Students learn and practice literacy and numeracy skills for everyday life, such as telling the time, handling money, reading instructions across the whole curriculum, which involves many activities off site.

Social and Emotional

Our strategy time interventions provide targeted support to build confidence. Games and team working enable students to put into practice social and communication skills. Having fun and laughter diffuses tension. Making sure we recognise each individual’s personality, strengths and weaknesses, helps our students manage their anxieties.

Sensory and Physical

All of the option choices in the timetable offer practical activities which build gross, and fine motor skills through the use of tools and equipment. Opportunities for outdoor learning both onsite and offsite provide sensory stimulus.

 Teachers and Classes

Upper Phase Leader

Mrs. Hannah Letts

Teaches:  English, Food Technology, Animal Care, Titan Training

Interests: Cooking, gardening, reading, science, going to the theatre, all things animal related

Hazel Class

Mr. Evans

Teaching Assistant
Ms. Fizser
Miss Pratt
Miss Gibson

Poplar Class

Mrs. Beane

Teaching Assistants
Miss Meek
Mr. Hale

Willow Class

Mr. Nerney
Mrs. Olivey, HLTA

Teaching Assistants
Mr. Baker
Miss Graver

Pioneer Class

Mr. Grace

Teaching Assistants
Mr. Dowson-Collins
Mrs. Mann
Mrs. Sadler

Endeavour Class

Mrs. Letts

Teaching Assistants
Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. Turner
Mrs. Williamson

Explorers Class

Miss Keyworth

Teaching Assistants
Mrs. Grimes