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Sidestrand Hall School caters for young people from KS2-4 (Age 7-16, Year 3-11). It’s a complex needs school where all pupils hold an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP).  This is a significant factor in our curriculum design. Broadly, speaking pupils still follow a subject specific curriculum in line with National curriculum objectives. Some pupils will have the opportunity to remain with us
Post 16 in our Sixth form provision which is on the same site.

Dragonfly Phase

This is our pre and semi-formal provision.  In this phase there is a greater emphasis on the four areas of SEND, Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social, Emotional and Mental Health and Sensory and Physical needs.

Pupils will still have distinct lessons on Numeracy, Literacy, and RSHE. Significant time is devoted to developing pupil’s individual skills (EHCP targets).

In Catkins (Year 3-6), the curriculum is based on the EYFS model. In Bay (Year 7-11) this is built upon and pupils work towards AQA accreditations. Specialist staff deliver interventions such as Attention Autism, Signalong and Thrive.

In Maple (Year 9 – 11) there is a greater focus on pupil independence and next steps. Pupils can join option groups such as cooking, Art, Sport and  construction.

Catkins Curriculum Map

Bay Curriculum Map

Maple Curriculum Map

Lower Phase

(KS2 & 3 Year 3-7) Pupils are grouped according to age and ability. The formal part of the curriculum is based upon National Curriculum objectives for KS2 adapted to meet need. With the focus on the stage of learning that the pupils are ready for rather than the age of the pupils.

We follow a subject specific timetable which includes weekly, 3 hours of Literacy, 3 hours of Numeracy, Science, PE, RSHE, Creative Arts, Computer Science, Food Technology, Humanities and Outdoor learning. Most Pupils will get the opportunity to go swimming during KS2. In addition to this time is given daily to reading and interventions, which allow for practical opportunities, sensory approaches and play/social communication activities.

Acorns Curriculum Map

Olive Curriculum Map

Conkers Curriculum Map.xlsx

Yr7 Curriculum Map

Middle Phase

In this phase pupils continue to build on their subject specific learning with the addition of options in Year 10. Pupils are usually grouped within their age. From Year 9 a second science lesson is introduced to give 8 lesson of core teaching. Maths and English classes are streamed from Year 10 and most pupils begin their Bronze D of E award.

There are two option blocks each of 2 hours where pupils are offered 4-5 choices. In these sessions Year 10 mix with Year 11 which helps peer relationships and future transition. Pupils are encouraged to move towards greater independence in their own learning as this prepares them for taking their accredited awards and qualifications in Year 11.

Yr8 Curriculum Map

Yr 9 Curriculum Map

Yr10 Curriculum Map

Upper Phase

(KS4 & 5, Year 11 and Sixth form) In Year 11 pupils work towards a number of nationally accredited awards and qualifications. These may include, Entry Level Awards, Level Awards, AQA Units, Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, Sports Leaders Award and Arts Award. Sixth form pupils have a core curriculum of English, Maths, RSHE, Asdan Personal Development, Titan, Independent Living and Work  Experience.

In addition to this students have 3 option blocks making up the remaining 8 hours, they can choose from things such as Construction, Creative Arts, Hair and Beauty, Gardening, Geography, Computer Science, Sport and Leisure, Animal Care, Catering, most of these are Asdan short accredited  courses. We have also introduced the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award for those that wish to progress from achieving the Bronze award.

Yr11 Curriculum Map

6th Curriculum