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At Sidestrand Hall School we want everyone involved with our school to feel well supported. We believe that good pastoral support focuses on nurturing the individual needs for each child. We aim to build trusting empathetic relationships with all of our pupils and families.

At Sidestrand Hall School we recognise that pupils’ emotional and mental health is vital to students being able to thrive and reach their potential. An important part of our school ethos is the nurturing of all of our pupils which is why we have adopted Thrive and Zones of Regulation as whole school approaches. Thrive and Zones of Regulation are programmes that run in each pupils’ class. For those students who need more intensive support as a 1:1 or small group session we have a full time Qualified Thrive Practitioner onsite.

We also offer Drawing and Talking therapy on an individual basis and music therapy sessions delivered by a visiting music therapist who supports small groups and individuals one day a week.

Our mission is to help children and young people become more emotionally resilient and better placed to engage with life and learning.

We do this through our whole-school approach to wellbeing – proven to improve attendance, behaviour and attainment.

We have 3 practitioners onsite who offer day and residential students support.

Drawing and Talking Therapy is the number one alternative to CBT and direct talking therapies, that can often be confronting or limiting in the processing of pain or trauma. As an attachment-based therapeutic intervention, Drawing and Talking Therapy is designed to complement CAMHS and other specialist therapies.

Drawing and Talking allows individuals to discover and communicate emotions through a non-directed technique, setting it apart from existing solution-focused and cognitive-based therapies and interventions.

The Drawing and Talking courses provides everything needed to begin using this powerful and simple person-centred therapeutic approach, without additional specialist training. As a one-to-one intervention, Practitioners are trained how to lead a session in person or via remote facilities, so clients can receive consistent support even during extreme events such as a national or regional lockdown.

Music Therapy is a tool that can transform lives in big and small ways. It can be used with people of any age or need and any musical ability. Music Therapy can support with communication, cognition and emotional wellbeing amongst other things and our therapists tailor their support to your needs.

At Sidestrand Hall School we work closely with many external professionals to support your child’s physical and sensory development. These include:

  • Occupational therapists,
  • physiotherapists,
  • sensory integration therapists,
  • dysphagia specialists
  • teachers of the deaf and visually impaired.

On site we have a full time qualified MSI teacher and trained intervener to support students with dual sensory and multisensory impairments.

We hold daily sensory circuit sessions for students with an identified need. Participation in a short sensory motor circuit is a great way both to energise and settle children into the school day. The aim is to focus concentration in readiness for the day’s learning. The circuit also encourages the development of the child’s sensory processing skills.