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School Council

The School Council comprises of a representative from every class across the school plus one from those pupils who are part of the residential provision.  Its primary role is to provide a forum for a pupil voice from across the school and to share ideas discussed back with their class peers. The full council is split into 2 smaller groups, Lower and Upper Councils. These smaller councils give each member greater opportunity to have their voice heard and to be actively involved.

  • Lower Council –pupils from Lower and Dragonfly Phases. This is made up of 8 representatives.
  • Upper Council – Middle and Upper Phases. This is made up of 13 representatives.

Each group meets fortnightly on a rotational basis to share ideas and discuss new and ongoing projects. Last year such things included;

  • Assisting with the Poppy Appeal,
  • Pupil voice regarding the school uniform,
  • Providing students for interview panels for new staff applicants,
  • Creating and running a Strandfest activity,
  • Helping develop the new school dinner menu.

Pupils are all volunteers and if more than 1 pupil in a class group express I wish to be the class representative then a small in-class election takes place for the final selection.

School Council rep designing and preparing for the Strandfest activity

More Information

Please look out for updates in the Newsletter and here on the Website.