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Togetherness, aspiration, positive competitiveness and the promotion of kindness are just a few of the many traits the House System at Sidestrand Hall facilitates and nurtures in all pupils.

During the summer term 2023, house leaders organised a huge democratic process that fully exemplified the strength of the school’s pupil voice. During the bi-weekly School Council meetings, pupils collated lists of animals they felt would closely represent the character of each of the four houses. During a 2 week window, all pupils were asked to research and share the attributes of the final 16 animal candidates ready for their Big School Vote.

Finally, at the close of a promotional assembly, pupils were asked to come forward to cast their vote for the animal they felt would best serve their house.  The results were exciting, and as a school we look forward to establishing these animals as the face and profile of each house:


Blue House Points

The Blue House adopted an animal renowned for its personality, survival instincts, sociability and humour. Yes, you guessed it, the Penguin.


Green House Points

The green house voted for an animal a little more ferocious in stature but no less measured. They are an ancient animal, majestic in appearance, renowned for their ability to survive adverse conditions and ruthless in their methods to achieve and succeed. That’s right, it’s the clever Crocodile.


Red House Points

There are many animals we associate with the colour red and the nominated animals created a close vote. However, this animal prevailed due to its magical capabilities and endangered status, which highlights how the young people of Sidestrand Hall want to help raise awareness. For the Red House, it’s the Red Panda.


Yellow House Points

During their research, Sidestrand pupils will have learnt how years ago this animal roamed the hills and shores of Britain. It seems to be an animal those in the yellow house would like to see reintroduced – it was a landslide victory for the Wolf.

Throughout the year, all pupils work tirelessly to earn House Points. Pupils will inevitably accumulate significant numbers and reach certain thresholds on the House Points Graduation Table. More importantly, their House points contribute to the overall House total and potential House Cup.

2022-23 saw the Crocodiles of the Green House take the House Cup with a ruthless total of 4452 House Points. However, 2023-24 will see all the houses emerging with a new purpose, a new identity and a renewed desire to sit upon the Sidestrand House Throne, come July 2024.