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A guide to parent controls

Support your children and enjoy being safer online as a family, using our home activity sheets and films on a range of online safety topics.

Kids today face a very different set of challenges. There’s a whole new landscape where a child’s relationship with technology and normal sexual development overlap, with a whole new set of experiences online. And they need your help to navigate it safely.

Gaming: What parents and carers need to know.

5 Best Antivirus Software With Free Parental Controls in 2023.

BBC – How can we keep teenagers safe online? We look at a new AI system that monitors video content on the fly and blurs anything unsuitable before kids see it. But can tech really help solve the problems that tech creates?

Internet Matters – Protecting kids from explicit content.

Computer Related Laws

  • Computer Misuse Act
  • Copyright
  • Data Protection
  • Official Secrets Act
  • Defamination
  • Obscenity
  • Communication
  • Health and Safety
  • Computer Evidence
  • Discrimination
  • Criminal Law
  • International Law and Internet
  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 and Lawful Business Practice Regulations