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Transition for new admissions to Sidestrand Hall School and Sixth Form

Transition is tailored to each child’s needs. Once a place is offered at Sidestrand Hall School, our Transition Co-ordinator will make arrangements for transition according to the needs and views of the child, and following discussions with parents, carers, the current school or education provider, the EHCP Co-ordinator and other key professionals involved. This will involve opportunities for visits and transition days at Sidestrand Hall School and may include school staff visiting a child’s current school prior to them joining us and attending EHCP and transition meetings where required. We also hold an open day during Spring term for new students joining us in September and a Sixth Form information session in Autumn Term.

During the last two weeks of summer term, transition is held for the whole school where each year group will move into their new class and start their new timetable in preparation for September. Children joining us in September will be offered transition days during this period to help them to settle into school and get used to their new teachers and surroundings and meet other students.


Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance at Sidestrand Hall School

Key Stage 4 and 5 embed careers education and employability skills within their curriculum. This includes developing skills in areas such as interview skills, writing a CV and making applications. Students have the opportunity to take part in individual or group work placements during year 11 and Sixth Form and have encounters with employers and other organisations offering employability support and workshops to enrich their studies of the world of work. Students have opportunities to visit work places or meet employers and educational providers as part of their studies and find out about skills needed to carry out different careers.

Students in Key Stage 3 are introduced to careers education through one to one support and guidance from year 9 and through careers themed events such as employer and college fairs in school and careers events where they have opportunities to interact with employers and/or colleges to find out about the different options available into work and training after they finish school.

All students from year 9 through to year 14 receive 1:1 information, advice and personal guidance on transition and future education, career and social care options.  This includes support to students and parents with transition plans and transition is a key part of the Education, Health and Care Plan Annual Review process from year 9 onwards. In addition to this, students will be offered visits to post 16 providers such as colleges and training providers in the Autumn Term of year 11 and will be given ongoing support with making choices and with the application and interview process for further education.

All students in their leaving year will have regular support to prepare for transition and arrangements made for taster days needed and transfer of information to their new provider. As well as Information, Advice and Guidance on course options, there are also other careers related visits and events throughout the year such as visits to local employers and careers themed events where colleges or employers are invited in to speak to students about further education, training and career pathways.

What careers information can I find out about online?

  • Different jobs – pay, qualifications, what the work would be like and the skills you will need to do the job.
  • Handy tips to help when you are going for an interview/how to write a CV
  • Video clips about different work places and how people got into their careers
  • Different courses available and how to apply for them
  • Events happening in your area – college open days and careers events – including virtual events!
  • Job vacancies and apprenticeships
  • Quizzes to help you decide what kind of job sectors you might be interested in

Here are some links to careers websites you can look at:

www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/careers Watch different clips about the careers people do, check out the A-Z of jobs, try out the quizzes about careers and more.

www.icould.com Take the buzz quiz to find out what jobs would suit you. Watch a clip about a job you might be interested in.

www.icanbea.org.uk Try the career wizard to see what matches you get. Look up your favourite job and find out more about it. Find a current job vacancy in an area of work which interests you.

www.helpyouchoose.org Search for a course at a college near you. Find a job vacancy you are interested in. Find information on transport and money in the advice area.

www.careerpilot.org.uk/job-sectors Search for different job sectors and compare up to three different careers using the ‘careerometer’ tool.

www.barclayslifeskills.com/young-people/ Learn interview tips and practice through the virtual interview. Learn about different skills needed in the work place.

www.apprenticeships.gov.uk Find out what apprenticeships are available in the area you live in. Watch real life clips about young people’s experiences of training through an apprenticeship.

www.nationalcareers.service.gov.uk Search for job profiles to find out about salary, qualifications needed and the work involved in a particular job role. Complete the skills assessment

Further Education Colleges

www.ccn.ac.uk (City College)

www.easton.ac.uk (Easton College)

www.eastcoast.ac.uk (East Coast College)

www.paston.ac.uk (Paston College)

www.cwa.ac.uk (The College of West Anglia)

www.accesscreative.ac.uk (Access Creative College)

www.eastnorfolk.ac.uk (East Norfolk Sixth Form College)


Training Providers:






www.helpyouchoose.org– Visit Help You Choose for the full range of training providers, colleges and Sixth Form providers.

Students have 1:1 support and guidance to help them to decide on the best plan for them after year 11. Some students leave Sidestrand Hall School at the end of year 11 to move on to college or another post 16 provider and some students decide to stay on at Sidestrand Sixth Form until year 13. Once students leave Sidestrand at the end of year 11 or once they complete their course in Sixth Form, they move on to a range of different colleges and training providers to specialise in their chosen area of study. Their choice of college or training provider will depend on their interests and the level they are working at.

Destinations 2021

Year 11 Students

Amount of year 11 students leaving in July 2021
Amount of year 11 students moving on to Further Education, employment or training
Sidestrand Sixth Form
City College
East Coast College
Paston College
Residential college/social care provider
Other provider e.g Care Farm/community based learning
Employment/ apprenticeship

Sixth Form Students

Amount of Sixth Form Students leaving in July 2021
Amount of Sixth Form students moving on to Further Education, employment or training
City College Norwich
East Coast College
Easton College
Paston College
For any questions or requests, please contact the Careers Leader:

Sarah Adams Telephone (01263) 578144

Welcome Booklets to Download

KS2 Welcome booklet – April 2022

KS3 Welcome booklet – April 2022

KS4 Welcome booklet – April 2022

KS5 Welcome booklet -April 2022

Careers Programme

Careers Programme

Up to date careers policy can be found under the general policies and documents page on the school website.