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Remote Learning information for parents

Remote Learning: information for parents

Sidestrand Hall School Remote Learning: information for parents

Remote Learning may be needed if a child has to self-isolate, has a positive test result or due to National or Local lockdown.

The well-being of our pupils and their families is very important to us and we accept that remote learning will be different for all children, young people, and their families. We know that some of our pupils will find learning at home hard and some families will have other children to care for too.

Pupils Self-isolating

On a pupil’s first few days of being at home to self-isolate, work will be sent home with them or in the post. Families will receive a phone call from a member of staff each week.

Some of this work will be the same as the curriculum in School but some work may be different as it may require resources that you may not have at home.

Pupils will also have access to Google Classrooms, BBC bite size, Oak Academy, Sumdog, IXL and Literacy Planet.

Parents may also use links available on the school website under Home Learning Resources.

Not all pupils will have access to everything, as this will depend on their class group and age. Pupils will have practiced in School the on line learning they need to follow.

There are also activities you may wish to do at home that are beneficial for your child, such as – cooking, art and craft, playing games, reading stories, singing songs, helping with daily jobs around the home and garden.

Teachers will make three weekly live online sessions each week.  These sessions will vary in form and structure, some being formal lessons with specific learning objectives whilst others will be more of a general social and communication aim.

Families will receive a weekly phone call but may call the School or e-mail at any time they require support. Our safeguarding and LAC DT will also keep in contact with specific families.

During National/Local Lockdown

Our school will remain open as expected during National and Local lockdowns but may have to prioritise students due to staffing levels and therefore the normal school offer and groupings may have to be adjusted accordingly. Students will be prioritised through a robust whole school Risk Assessment that will be completed by schoolteachers and overseen by Senior Staff.

The curriculum offered remotely during a Lockdown will be based on the same curriculum as in School but adjusted for home learning. It will use the same links as quoted above.

Some activities will be different because of resources not available at home and some may require teacher assessment especially for older pupils on accredited courses.

Pupils will have a live video link daily with their class staff and friends.

Families will receive a weekly phone call but may call the School or e-mail at any time they require support. Our safeguarding and LAC DT will also keep in contact with specific families.

During this time, class teachers will also set activities and tasks to support students EHCP Targets.

Daily Home Learning

The work sent to your child will be based on the Teacher’s knowledge of your child but if anything becomes too much then this is not a problem. Just complete what you can manage with your child and family.

Accessing Remote education

The School has set up Google Classrooms and purchased e. learning packages from IXL, Sumdog and Literacy Planet. Pupils will have Log-ins for these and this information will be sent home to parents.

The School website has many other links for parents to access other subject areas including art and craft, physical activities etc.

We have surveyed parents about internet and access to devices. The Government has a scheme to help provide E learning resources to the School to allocate to families. Please let your child’s teacher know if you need any additional support or if circumstances change during this time so that we can respond accordingly.


In some cases, there may be a multitude of reasons that it is felt that paper hard copies are more appropriate.  Where this has been agreed then a work/activity pack will be sent home through the post either weekly or fortnightly.  This will offer a full range of activities, which mirrors the curriculum being provided in school and online.


Both completed and ongoing work will be discussed during the weekly wellbeing call with feedback given individually as needed by class teachers.

How will my child be taught remotely?

We use a combination of the following approaches to teach pupils remotely:

  • Paper copies of worksheets will be posted home when necessary
  • Google Classrooms
  • On-line learning platforms (see above)
  • Daily video call/live lesson
  • Recorded teaching or reading
  • Commercial website links to other activities

Engagement and feedback

We know it may be difficult for some pupils and families to engage with remote learning.


  • Please try to do something every day.
  • Please try to maintain some school routine for your child, however small
  • Please try to have an area for the Live Video link that does not have any family photos or people in the background to protect your privacy.
  • Please tell your class teacher of any difficulties you are having with remote learning and we will try to support you
  • The weekly phone call to parents will feed back on your child’s remote learning

Assessment of work and progress

During this time it will be difficult to formally record progress against our school system NAPS.  Class teachers and TAs are supporting pupils regularly throughout each day with feedback and next steps on electronically submitted work.  Teachers will also record attendance and engagement level for each online ‘live’ session.  Some of the online learning platforms such as IXL and Sumdog have analysis tools and will give teachers level of engagement and progression data.