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Poetry Tournament

Poetry Tournament

Here in lower school Over the last 7 weeks we have been having a Poetry Tournament there has been 8 poems altogether in the tournament, we have all really enjoyed hearing all of the poems and loved voting for our favorite ones each week  it. The tournament started on the 25th April with our first two poems ‘People Need People’ and ‘Tree’ which to everyone’s delight ‘People Need People’ won. Then we had ‘ Let No One Steal Your Dreams’ and ‘The Sound Collector’ and ‘The Sound Collector’ won. In the third week we had ‘The Tail Of Icy Clare’ and ‘Today I Ate’ and ‘The Tail Of Icy Clare’ won by a very big amount. Then we had ‘Addicted To Chicken’ and ‘The Squirdle’ and ‘Addicted To Chicken’ won to the delight of all the children.

Then we had the semi finals, For our first semi final ‘The Sound Collector’ and ‘People Need People’ and ‘People Need People’ won, Then we had ‘Addicted To Chicken’ and ‘The Tale Of Icy Clare’ and ‘Addicted To Chicken’ won that.

Then came the finals, ‘People Need People’ and ‘Addicted To Chicken’ and after lots of thinking and voting  to everyone’s delight ‘Addicted To Chicken’ won!!

The hole of lower school loved the book tournament and laughed and smiled at every single book, even the adults where smiling and laughing along too.