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Meet Basil

Basil is an 18 month old Cavapoo dog. He has been coming into School since he was 5 months old. He is based in Catkins but regularly visits other classes across the school. One of his favourite jobs is walking to the buses at the end of the day when he gets to catch up with all the children across the school. In Catkins he is happy to play ball, snuggle up to listen to a story or just sit beside a child if they are feeling sad or worried.

Basil has worked with children who are nervous of dogs, instinctively recognising that he needs to be calm to help them become more confident around him. He is also wellbeing for staff who often just pop in to say hello.

Comments from Pupils

I love fluffy Basil.

Is Basil in today? , Basil in on Thursday.

I Love Basil.


Comments from Parents

L loves Basil!

Getting ready on a Thursday is always a pleasure.