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Lower School “Julia Donaldson” Day

What a wonderful Julia Donaldson day in lower school! The whole of lower school spent the morning going round to the different class rooms  doing different activities based on Julia Donaldson’s books.

Catkins spent the morning looking at ‘Room On The Broom’. They made their own wands and two amazing pictures of the witch and the dragon.

In Conkers class the students made some masks out of animal pictures, coloured them in and then acted out one of the books called “A Squash And A Squeeze”. All the children masks looked amazing.

In Olive class, the students spent some time reading the story “The Paper Dolls” and then got to make some paper dolls just like the little girl from the story. They were very detailed and creative, using their own designs.

Finally in Acorns class, the pupils went on a little walk through the deep dark wood from the story “The Gruffalo”. The pupils meet the fox, the owl and the snake, but also the students meet THE GRUFFALO!!!. After the students had found out that he wasn’t that scary they took him back through the wood to find the animals. At the end of the trail everyone was amazed to find out that the Gruffalo was actually scared of the little brown mouse, so he ran away back through the woods and wasn’t seen again.

What a fun day that was enjoyed by everyone!