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Welcome to Fig Class

The Fig Class of 2023-2024 would like to tell you what it is like to be in Fig Class.

Fig class is very different to the other classes because it is colourful and bright. You have different teachers for different lessons depending on what you are doing. Everybody has a set job for something like holding the door open, being a computer monitor, , being a front of the line leader, handing out books, plant monitors to water the plants. We have a reward card so if you do something good and get a house point. You get a stamp for when you get a house point. When you get 10 you can do anything you want for a bit. We go on lots of library trips and go to the cafe and get back before lunch. My favourite lesson is DT as we get to make wooden projects and stuff out of pallets such as bird boxes, door signs, storage containers and plant pots. in Outdoor Learning we do gardening, planting, weeding and play games like Capture the flag


When I came into Fig class I already knew some of the pupils which made me feel better. You can earn reward time by getting your card stamped 10 times. You can then choose your reward. We have a class pet called Little My and I help to clean her out. I enjoy Prodigy which is a maths game. I like Boggle too where we make words. We do Star of the week where we get a comfy chair and double points on our reward card.


You can earn rewards by getting 10 stamps on your stamp card. You are also able to pick what reward you want.There is a guinea pig called little my and you have to take care of her by cleaning her cage and some more things.

There is a star of the week system where every week a wheel decides who is the new star of the week. Star of the week benefits are a special chair, a lanyard, double stamps, compliments from your class and a prize from the box. Every half term you go on a library trip where you also go to the cafe to get a drink or a cake.


When I started fig class I never went to class and I just stayed outside the corridor because I was scared because I did not know what it was like in the class because I liked Beech class. Then I got told that I was moving to Fig and I was upset and sad because of that but then after a couple of days I changed my attitude. I sat down next to my best friend and then went in every day and I have a good time.
Then I met Mr Ivey and he made me laugh a lot this year because he is nice and kind and always there for me no matter what. I am very happy and thankful for having a TA who I can trust and talk to.
We also have got the start of the week free time, targets and cards for reward time and you can also do prodigy. You can also pick jobs.
We also have a pet guinea pig in our class and her name is called Little My. In Fig class you have got Mr Ivey and Mrs Chandler and Mrs Harvey.
I have also got along with some people in Fig class and know I have some good memories this year. I am very proud of myself because of how far I have come. I am very excited for this year because I know now that there is nothing to be scared of this year. I have a very good sense of humour and I'm very happy because of how far I have come and how many friends I have made in Fig class.