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September 2021 letter from the Head Teacher

Dear Parent/Carer

Welcome back to a new term, it has been lovely to see all of the pupils back at school. As you will be aware, unfortunately we are not free of Covid-19 and schools have been given guidance from Government with the flexibility to interpret it according to the school setting.

As a school we have always acted in a more cautious way and as a result we have had no positive transmission of the virus from our school. Therefore, once again we wish to be more cautious than current government guidance due to the pupils and staff who were classed as critically exceptionally vulnerable.

Therefore we would like to follow the systems below:

  1. Pupil Showing Symptoms → PCR Test → Remain at home until result received

↓If positive – remain at home following Test and Trace Guidance

↓If negative – pupil can return to school

*please send copy of the result to covidtestresults@sidestrandhall.net

  1. If a household member has a positive test → Pupil to have a PCR → Remain at home

↓If pupil positive – remain at home following Test and Trace Guidance

↓If pupil negative – pupil to remain at home until positive family member’s self-isolation has finished

Pupils who are isolating at home will revert back to online learning/work packs.

For those pupils who agreed to do the home testing, please continue to do these on a Wednesday and Sunday evening, reporting the results to covidtestresults@sidestrandhall.net

If you would like to start home testing, please let us know and we can send home the testing kits.

We hope that you understand why we are taking this course of action and will continue to support us to ensure we keep pupils and staff safe.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S D Young

Head Teacher