• Sarah D. Young, Headteacher : telephone 01263 578144

In Key Stage 4, Relationship and Sex education is taught along the PSHE curriculum. In both years the pupils produce course work to go towards an AQA unit award and their Gateway Independent Living certificate.

In Year 10 the pupils will study an AQA unit in Sex and Relationships (PSE011) They will revise the physical and emotional changes of puberty and learn how to keep themselves healthy and safe.  They discuss what makes a good relationship and are encouraged to make choices in life that they are comfortable with. Issues such as LGBT are discussed during the course.

They will also cover issues that affect young adults today.  They develop their understanding of the need for personal hygiene and how to manage behaviour, including how to deal with media and peer pressure (PREVENT).

In Year 11 the pupils will study AQA unit in Sex and Relationships (PSE012) which builds upon their previous knowledge and develops their understanding of forming good relationships with the emphasis on how to deal with peer pressure.  They learn how to keep themselves safe against STI’s and learn about contraception.  Issues, such as LGBT, age of consent and pregnancy are covered in more detail. The pupils also have the opportunity to discuss issues surrounding forming stable and happy relationships, which is part of their Understanding Relationships unit for their Independent Living Certificate.

During the course of the year they will also discuss how to deal with the media’s negative influence over body image.  They develop their understanding of how to safely use social media, including the perils of sexting.  They learn of ways they can deal with misuse of the internet.