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Our Classes

Team Leader – Mr. Harrod

Poplar Class – Mrs. Gilman

Hazel Class – Mr. Circuit

Sycamore Class – Mr. Evans

Cedar Class – Mr. Williams

Beech Class – Mr. Anderson

Vocational Studies – Mr. Davies and Mr. Wagge

Information about Upper School

In Key Stage 4 we have four classes, two in Yr10 and two in Yr11 with a maximum of ten pupils per class with each class having a form tutor and two T.A’s. During morning registration the pupils spend 30 minutes taking part in core skill activities (Literacy and Numeracy). These activities are aimed at developing and applying the pupils’ use of numeracy and literacy to the real world.

The Key stage 4 curriculum has been developed, so it promotes learning by all students that is appropriate for their ability and their interests. All pupils follow a common core curriculum of English, Maths, Science, P.E, Humanities and Sex and relationships. Each of these subjects follows the current national curriculum.

The pupils also take part in vocational and independence focused lessons. The aim for these lessons is to give the pupils experience of the world of work and to allow them opportunities to be independent in a controlled and safe environment.  All of their lessons are accredited by Gateway and are completely coursework based, with the emphasis on being practical.

The independent skills lessons focus on being able to look after yourself and your home, house hold budgets, cooking, shopping, getting about safely and use of public transport, careers and hobbies.  In the vocational lessons the pupils will learn about skills for working life, incorporating these skills working as a team, following instructions, working in a shop, dealing with customers, planning and writing a C.V and how to act in an interview.

On a Friday afternoon the pupils chose an ‘Enrichment’ activity to take part in. Depending on the time of the year various activities are offered for the pupils to do, with the activities changing each half term. The range of activities which are normally on offer are Art, craft, sewing, cooking, sport, nature walks, music and drama.

As a Key stage we place a high value on educational trips. Trips are seen as essential part of the pupils learning and are used to enhance their understanding and knowledge of the topics they have been studying.

As a Key stage we aim to develop the pupils to have aspirations for themselves and for their local community; for them to learn skills which will aid their development in their further education and for them to have a successful and enjoyable life.

Year 10


Year 11


Vocational and Specialist Classes