• Sarah D. Young, Headteacher : telephone 01263 578144

Free School Meals Redemption Codes

Free school meal redemption codes for FSM vouchers have been issued to all applicable families for weeks commencing 6th April, 13th April and 18th April by Edenred (the new national system being used during Covid 19 lockdown).

You should have had 3 separate emails to redeem. A significant number of families haven’t redeemed any codes, some families have redeemed only some of the codes, some families have redeemed later codes but not earlier ones. Please check that you have actioned all emails from Edenred as the government will cancel the vouchers if not redeemed.

Please contact sbm@sidestrandhall.norfolk.sch.uk if you are missing redemption emails but be aware there may be a significant delay in these being resent to you due to volume of traffic on the Edenred website.