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Downloadable pdf:  SHS equality objectives March 2020

Equality Act 2010

 Our equality objectives

 November 2019


  1. Sidestrand Hall School has a statutory duty to publish one or more equality objectives at least every four years by the 6 April each year. This document sets out our two equality objectives for the next four years
  1. The objectives seek to put key building blocks in place, to promote equality and accessibility across our school community. We have identified these objectives based on a range of evidence about the key issues for our school. Every four years, we review this evidence, and update our objectives accordingly. For more information about this evidence see below.
  1. A theme running through our objectives is to maintain dialogue with pupils, families, staff and governors, to ensure we remain aware of any emerging issues and can address these effectively.
  1. As well as setting out our objectives, this document summarises the legal context for equality and the issues informing our objectives.

The legal context

  1. Schools have a statutory duty under the Equality Act 2010 to pay ‘due regard’ to the following when exercising public functions:
  • Eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation and other prohibited conduct;
  • Advance equality of opportunity for people with protected characteristics[i];
  • Foster good relations between people who share a relevant protected characteristic and people who do not share it.
  1. The Act also requires schools to:
  • Publish equality objectives that are proportionate, specific and measurable
  • Report annually on progress
  • Publish a school accessibility plan.

Norfolk’s diverse population & our school community

  1. Norfolk is the fifth largest shire county in England, with 885,000 residents. Norfolk’s diverse communities are interwoven into the county’s history, spanning hundreds of years. For more information see Norfolk Insight.

The diverse population of our school

  1. Our school community has its own unique make up:
  • 33% are girls and 67% are boys
  • All of our pupils here have special educational needs
  • 98% of our pupils are English

The profile of our workforce and the governing body

  • 71% of staff are female and 29% male
  • 54% of our governors are female and 46% are male

Issues that our objectives take into account

  1. Our equality objectives address the following issues:
  • Like many areas of the country, Norfolk saw an increase in racial tension and hate incidents following the EU referendum. This has stabilised to a ‘new normal’. This ‘new normal’ is a concern, which is why we have continued to prioritise work to build a school culture that respects and values difference in our community.
  • There is an imperative to ensure that access for disabled children and children with special educational needs is integrated into day-to-day practice at the school. This is a major issue because Norfolk has a higher number of disabled people than other parts of the country and increasing numbers of disabled young people.
  • Accessibility is sometimes challenging because there is a perception that increased accessibility means increased costs. However, we strongly believe that forward planning can create many opportunities to embed good accessibility across our school community, to make good accessibility ‘the norm’.

Our equality objectives for October 2019-July 2023

  1. Our objectives are:

1. Improve accessability to the site, to communication and to the curriculum

2. Improve curriculum resources to include those that are multicultural, multi-gender and address different levels of ability.

  1. Our action plan on the next page sets out more information.

Monitoring & governance arrangements

 Our Governing Body is responsible for monitoring delivery of our objectives on an annual basis.

  1. The date of the next formal review of these objectives is November 2020

 Further information

  1. For further information please contact Wendy Forster, School Business Manager.

Our Equality Objectives for October 2019- July 2023


Objective Actions Timescale How will we know we’ve achieved this objective? Responsibility
1)    Improve Accessability i) Undertake accessability audit and build findings into this action plan.

ii)Review how and when we communicate and identify ways to improve this.

iii)Review curriculum planning to identify barriers to access and participation


1a)To the site i)ensure hazard warning surfaces are in place in Clement Lodge and boarding on steps and stairs

ii)install chairs of differing heights and with arms in reception

iii)install lever type controls on flushes, locks and taps in Bay

iv) ensure all steps outside have yellow nosings – particularly in KS2

v) all ramps should have yellow paint to indicate top, bottom and landings

vi) improve contrast between walls and device switches such as light switches and paper towel dispensers.

vii)improve contrast between doors and door handles

September 2020 Annual access audit will see reduced issues outstanding Premises Manager
1b)To communication i)improve signposting for visitors to school both within school and at the main entrances


September 2020 Improved physical signage




School business manager
1c)To the curriculum i)sign supported learning for pupils – signalong

ii)introduction of physical and sensory interventions to meet EHCP outcomes.

iii) develop PE and sport curriculum to enhance provision for changing profile of our pupils with more complex needs.


September 2020 Resources audit for reduced access will evidence more resources in place Whole school sensory lead


Whole school sensory lead





Deputy Head

2)Improve Resources Review available resources and address gaps in those available in the curriculum and in the school libraries
2a) Library audit i)improve quantity of books on offer around multi cultures

ii)improve quantity of books on offer to different genders

iii)improve quantity of books of offer to different abilities in particular low ability and high level ability

September 2020 Greater range and quantity of books that address equality issues Deputy Head
2b) Classroom resources Review PSHE curriculum and purchase new resources September 2020 Well resourced classrooms that meet needs of all abilities Curriculum lead
2ci)Themed resources for British Values






2cii) Develop of school specific values that support our equality objectives and British values

Audit of current provision  and purchase of resources for use in curriculum and assemblies



Review of vision and mission involving whole school community

September 2020







Summer 2020

More resources in place, more focus in the curriculum and more assemblies focusing on British Values



Clear vision and mission statements and values identified, shared and embedded in our school community

Deputy Head










[i] The characteristics protected under the Act are:

  • age
  • disability
  • gender reassignment
  • marriage and civil partnership
  • pregnancy and maternity
  • race
  • religion or belief
  • sex and
  • sexual orientation